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Parents' Testimonials

I am a homeschooling mom of three in California. I wanted to express to you my complete satisfaction with your Write with the Best writing program, which I purchased just this year. Itís hard to find a program that is just right for your homeschool without having to change things around--but this is perfect for us, and perhaps it might be helpful to you if I told you why:
1.)  It is not intimidating. It is not a huge volume with lessons for every day of the year and so many extras that your head spins. For me, those big curriculums are impossible to travel with through the changing tides of the school year. They donít work into any other program but themselves, and I usually end up completing a fourth to a half of those types of programs.
2.)  It is simple. It is clear, concise, and beautifully laid out. It is not complex or confusing, which can stuff down someone's creativity in an instant. 
3.)  It is not too hard, and the lessons are not too lengthy. In fact, I was surprised that each lesson was so short--it gives us time to work on word selection and imagery. We get to take our time!
4.)  It is quite a realistic plan, and the results are there. You can do one unit at a time, and then go to something else if you wish. This year I will be trading off with US Geography and itís working out excellently. Thank you again for your product, I know I will use the other volume as well.

I have attached a sample of one of my daughter's assignments from Volume One, Description of an Object. It became more of a description of an event, but I was still pleased with the outcome.

Sincerely, Marsha B. (from Northern California)

Description of an Object writing sample

**********     **********     **********

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful product. My oldest child is a "reluctant writer". We've tried several different programs over the years with minimal results.
Write With The Best has definitely been my find of the year! The clear, well organized units have helped my son tremendously. He's learned a great deal about the writing process and can now approach an assignment with more confidence.
I'm looking forward to receiving Write With The Best - Volume 2 for him and plan on using your program with all my children.
Thank you,
A Homeschooling Mom in Georgia

**********     **********     **********

"May I ask if you have an anticipated release date [for volume 2]? Volume 1 is tremendous, and we are hoping to continue with your program."   L. C.   Connecticut

I just started using your Write with the Best curriculum, and it is wonderful. It has helped my 9th grader see how important words are and how to, after many years and many programs, create a good paragraph. When do you expect to have Volume II available?   L. N.   Pennsylvania 

I have Write with the Best & LOVE it!!! Can't wait to start using it
with my children. Is Volume 2 available yet?   C. E.   Washington

**********     **********     **********

(Mrs. Dixon has taught writing classes to local homeschoolers for many years. Although the parental endorsements below are about these classes, please keep this fact in mind: As stated in the introduction to Write with the Best, the same techniques that Mrs. Dixon has successfully used in her writing classes are also found throughout its pages.)

I highly recommend Jill Dixon's class. Two of my children have participated in her class with very positive results. Her curriculum makes creative writing enjoyable, not another task to complete. One of my children who was a student of Mrs. Dixon's for two years entered a private high school this year. The excellent preparation in creative writing that he received through this class was a great benefit to him. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this course.   G. T. 

C_ _ _  is a special needs student. He is dyslexic and has dysgraphia. Jill Dixon's class has been a turning point in C_ _ _'s learning process. He enjoys learning now because of Jill's creative approach to teaching. Most importantly, C_ _ _  is beginning to master writing. He has learned how to organize and arrange his thoughts and to make use of written language rules such as capitalization, punctuation, grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. He no longer dreads writing assignments. In fact, he now enjoys sharing his work with us.   C. C.

(The following note, attached to an assessment finding, is from a mom whose child had poor writing skills prior to taking Mrs. Dixon's class. After attending her class for remedial work, the student entered the public school system. Later, the student was tested by that system in order to determine qualification for graduation. Below the note are some of the conclusions about the student's skill taken from the Georgia High School Graduation Test for Writing.)

Dear Jill, 
Kudos to you! Is this the same kid we knew a few years ago?
I nearly fell over, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. 
Thanks for all your work and encouragement.
                                      Love,   D. W.

Content and Organization: The paper contained a clear controlling idea established and developed through generally relevant supporting ideas. Supporting ideas were generally presented in a logical order with enough support for the writer's position to be considered complete.
Style: The paper established a sense of the writer's individuality. Word choice was engaging and precise, conveying an awareness of the dictionary meaning of words. Sentence structure was varied. The tone was appropriate for the topic and purpose and sustained through most of the paper. The paper demonstrated a clear awareness of the intended audience.
Conventions of Written Language: The paper demonstrated a full, consistent command of usage and mechanics. The paper demonstrated the writer's ability to use a variety of the conventions appropriate for written Standard American English.
Sentence Formation: The paper contained consistently clear, complete sentences with correct end punctuation. The various elements within the sentences were joined correctly, and the ideas within sentences were connected properly. Competence in both subordination and coordination of ideas was demonstrated through a variety of strategies.

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