Educational Diagnostic Prescriptive Services  Since 1997



Our company began as a simple family event in 1997. As a rule, on the weekends we would either go to the mall or a bookstore to spend some time. On one particular weekend, the boys wanted to go to a bookstore, and the girls opted for the mall. We compromised, and went to the once thriving Media Play store, which contained many different things of interest. While the children were looking around, Jill came across an entry level test devised for acceptance into a particular field of interest. She was impressed, and wondered why homeschoolers did not have any kind of assessment that confirmed students' mastery across all grade level subjects, and which would confirm readiness to enter the next grade level. With her extensive educational background, and based on approved testing requirements, she determined to author six separate grade level assessments to diagnose and confirm mastery or remedy needs in each grade level subject area - a great aid for parents. She entitled each test, The Diagnostic Prescriptive Assessment. These were our flagship product offerings. Hence, we named our publishing company Diagnostic Prescriptive Services. Since our inception date, Jill authored many products for homeschoolers covering writing, vocabulary, literature, history, learning needs guides, learning styles guides, and other homeschooling helps. These became so utilitarian that some private schools and even some public schools purchased from us. Returning to our original company name, it has always been a topic for curiosity and definition, so, some years ago we shortened its name using the acronym, EDUDPS. After that, we brought both our curricula business and our academies under our umbrella branding name, Jill Dixon. Along with changing our company name, we have retired our original url, Don't visit it because it will not point to highlights our assessments and curricula. focuses on our academies.

That's the short history of a long story. Check out Jill's credentials and products here.