The Complete Career, College, and High School Guide for Homeschoolers

Read Mrs. Dixon’s short, eye-opening letter to parents of homeschoolers about true preparation for their students’ careers or service choices. After that, see more about the career guide.

Dear Parents of Homeschoolers:

          Five years ago when my oldest child entered high school, and I found myself totally responsible for all high school planning, college admissions, and career preparation and guidance, I was shocked at the lack of help available. I could find a few books written for homeschoolers to help with high school courses and transcripts. One popular one, however, was very large and mainly full of forms. I found it very confusing. I also found a few career assessments written for Christians but quickly discovered that they were too pricey for my budget ($90.00 or above). I never did find a book with explanation and guidance for high school and college testing or CLEP and AP exams. I ended up making a major blunder in preparing my child adequately for the PSAT because of a lack of information available for homeschoolers. So, to make a very long story short, I blindly taught my high schooler, prepared transcripts, and sent her off to college, having no idea what field of study she would or should pursue. I knew then that I did not want my friends and fellow homeschoolers to endure the hardships I had encountered in preparing my child for post-high school life. I realized what an asset it would be to have access to a homeschool guide that included complete high school guidance, career assessments and direction, and college admissions information, along with sample transcripts, course descriptions, and high school forms. Thus, The Complete Career, College, and High School Guide for Homeschoolers was devised. It is the only homeschool guide I know of that includes a complete high school guide, college admissions information, and four career and service assessments with detailed career guidance. The guide is targeted to Christian homeschoolers, but can be used by even public and private schoolers as well. Everything a parent needs to prepare her or his student for high school, college or a job is included.

Jill Dixon, M.Ed.

In the guide’s 224 pages, you will find:

4 clear self–administered and self–scored assessments designed to find:

1) Your work and service preference and gifts

2) Your personality type

3) Your primary learning style

4) Your work environment preference

and match these with your 3 best College Majors and Careers (you will determine which one of the three to choose)

  • A list of college majors / Middle School and High School Courses and activities for each major
  • Career Interview candidates for each major
  • Over 650 occupations and the fastest growing jobs for this decade
  • A complete High School Handbook which includes: High School Requirements, a complete list of Courses, Volunteer and Service Opportunities, ACT/PSAT/SAT Preparation, Calculating Your G.P.A., Preparing Transcripts, Applying for Scholarships, and more
  • Several Forms for High School and Career Planning (*The guide itself can be used as an elective credit of ½ for High School)
  • And more!

Everyone in your family can use this book! Format: Soft cover - Professional Review - Parental and Student Testimonials



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