The Complete Career, College, and High School Guide for Homeschoolers

From the book:

I have met and known countless self-sacrificing and dedicated parents who work tirelessly for 13 years to educate their children adequately, but have no idea how to guide them in a career or job choice…After all, these 13 years of school are only preparation for the next 40 to 50 years in the work force or some type of service… We, as homeschool parents, must make sure our students are led correctly, wisely, and efficiently in the areas of college, career or service choice.

Quotes from homeschool parents about the book:

Jill Dixon’s book has been very helpful. She has researched and compiled huge amounts of information to assist me in preparing my children for High School, College, and their future careers. She takes the students through inventories of their interests, learning styles, and gifts and then ties everything together beautifully by guiding them through to the courses, programs, and careers which build on and utilize these areas of interest. In fact, at 50 years of age, I was surprised to discover many facets of my own personality and learning style that I wish I had known 30 years ago. – H. B.


I have done other questionnaires with personality typing that was way too complicated. Mrs. Dixon breaks everything down into an easy to understand format. The book is a wealth of resources that every homeschooling family should have on their bookshelf. – L. M.


This book gave me direction. I now have the information to help my high schooler pursue the career that he is interested in. I’m excited! I HIGHLY recommend this book! We are now able to work toward more than just a high school diploma; we now have college and career goals while still in high school. Too cool! Thanks Jill. – T. M.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so willing to share all of your expertise! You and your books are my favorite homeschool “resource”! – L. McG.

Quotes from homeschool students about the book:

This book showed me different avenues for my career and parts of my inner personality that I didn’t really know and/or understand. I had no idea that with my personality both of my passions, music and ASL (American Sign Language), were directly in line with my personality boundaries. -- S.D. (10th Grade Student)


I took the Career Assessment Test (by Jill Dixon) to pinpoint my personal skills. By checking activities I enjoy on the Work/Service Survey, I was able to narrow down my strengths and interest. In the Learning Styles Assessment, I rated the questions from "not like me" to "most like me". I found a deeper understanding of my personality in the Personality Profile by answering questions about how I interact with the world. Finally, I figured out the best environment I can work in by choosing between two different work environments. As a result of these tests, I was able to evaluate my strongest interests and the best jobs for me.

The Work/Service Survey showed that I am an organizer. For instance, I like to order and categorize things, to arrange and plan events, and to make schedules. In the Learning Styles Assessment, I found out that I learn better visually. Being a visual learner, I can easily remember written material and can create designs and then present them visually. My personality characteristics are Inward, Emotional and Flexible. This means I prefer a flexible working environment with the purpose of helping other people, especially in a one on one environment. Additionally, I prefer my work environment to be quiet, but full of other people around me who I can bounce ideas off of. I prefer to sit and work, but would also enjoy working outside.

In conclusion, there are thousands of careers in the world, and with this test I was able to narrow down the careers that suit me best. I can now select a college or technical school that will best meet my individual interests and needs. -- M.J. (11th Grade Student)

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