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What do we mean by “complete”?

Our “must have” Career Guide discovers your student’s best career choice by using the proper, specific tools that he/she needs to succeed. This is accomplished by taking four clear self-administered and self-scored assessments. Through these you will be equipped to make the proper course choices for middle school, high school, and college and, most importantly, find the right career for your child! In addition, you will gain all the right knowledge for determining your child’s correct college major or career/service direction.

All this, and more, you will find in - - -

The Complete Career, College, and High School Guide for Homeschoolers

(actually, not just for homeschoolers)

 Includes Middle School through Adult

(Student alert: post-school adults around you may take the guide off to rethink or verify their careers. If you can’t find it, ask them where they put it.)

Get focused as early as middle school (for best results) and especially in high school about the real purpose of graduation – your child’s profession and future employment. All that you need – and more – is covered in the career guide. You will have all of the understanding, confidence, and power to be your student’s High School Guidance and Career Counselor!

Say goodbye to doubt about these high school graduate questions:

  • What do I do now?
  • Where do I go from here?
  • Which is better for me - technical school or college?
  • What's the best major for me?
  • What job would I really enjoy or be good at?

Stop wasting time and spending needless money about your students’ future choices and their careers. This guide could have been called The Complete Career Compass because it keeps you fixed and focused on the right path all the way to your best job employment. Take control now!

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Soft-cover: $39.95

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