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Learn at your own pace with The Co-op Option
Alternate to an academy

This is a great option for using our class based curricula at greatly reduced costs.

Parents who desire to use the curricula of Jill Dixon's Eclectic Academy of Learning without utilizing a director to lead an academy are encouraged to do so in a co-op environment. The benefits of this approach are that parents may essentially benefit as having an academy through sharing the duties of directorship with the cost being greatly reduced because there is no director who receives Director's fees and no paid teachers. Director's fees (and teacher costs) make up the major portion of the monthly tuition. Without a paid Director and paid teachers, these fees and costs do not apply. The monthly tuition is reduced accordingly.

Here's how it works. Students are charged 30% of the normal monthly tuition fees (for regular academies with directors and paid teachers). This charge is paid per student and per semester in total before the beginning of each semester and is non-refundable. The coursepacks fees and terms remain the same for co-ops as they do for regular academies. Coursepacks are also paid for before the beginning of each school year. There are no registration fees unless the local group sharing director responsibilities desires to impose registration fees for various purposes, such as utility fees, supply fees, etc.

Like academies with directors, co-ops need 10 paying students to begin and each parent and/or guardian will need to complete three online forms regarding each student in order to begin.

Finally, co-ops cannot be set up in locales, and their near vacinities, that have a regular academy with a director.

Mrs. Dixon's curricula and structure work great in a co-op setting. If you are interested in starting an EAL co-op in your area, contact the academy at academy@edudps.com and put Co-op Option in the subject line. Tell us where you are located.

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