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Cathy Duffy: "...a more challenging assessment for homeschoolers seems very appropriate...Homeschooling parents who really want to know how well their children are doing would do well to use The Diagnostic Prescriptive Assessment rather than the usual standardized test." Read Cathy's complete review at http://cathyduffyreviews.com/testing-special-needs/diagnostic-prescriptive-assessment.htm

Before considering its features, you may want to know more about The DPA as it relates to both diagnosis and prescription.

The Diagnostic Prescriptive Assessment by Jill J. Dixon, B.S.Ed., M.Ed. is a criterion-referenced diagnostic test available in six separate assessments for grades kindergarten through five.

Each test is a 4-in-1 tool: (1) a diagnostic test (2) an effective pre-assessment for grade placement  (3) a scope & sequence of objectives for each grade level (4) a yearly evaluation, portfolio, and Individual Educational Plan.

Furthermore, as a diagnostic assessment, it does not compare students to "normed" students within the same national, public school peer-group as standardized tests do, but instead, each student is thoroughly evaluated for mastery of his/her grade level skills in all required subjects. (Compare Standardized with Diagnostic Tests) The assessment possesses high criteria of mastery with superior educational qualifications. It contains broad test items providing for the proper assessment of the studentís true ability. Each test has from 23 to 32 Subtests, depending on the grade level. Parents administer and score the test. There is no need for outside scoring by a professional or paraprofessional, as each test is supplied with lucid instructions and a grade key. Accordingly, unlike other tests, there are no waiting periods for the results. A huge benefit to the parent giving and scoring the test is that the parent is thereby involved in the actual analysis of the studentís strengths and weaknesses.

Each test also comes with an invaluable remedial strategies section for correcting academic weaknesses discovered through testing. By giving solutions for problems discovered through testing, they also stand apart from other tests.

The subjects covered by our tests include phonics, language, reading, composition, handwriting, math, science, history, study skills, and map skills. Our assessments are complete "in-home" tests and can be purchased and administered anytime of the year. These assessments are excellent preparation tools for times when standardized testing is required by state law. (Each home educator bears the responsibility to know his/her state law regarding testing.) - Endorsements - Quick Reference Comparison Chart of DPA to other tests - - $15.98 per assessment

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