Quick Reference Comparison Chart of DPA to other tests




some offer very limited test items, sometimes rendering miscalculation of student's true ability

broad test items providing for proper assessment of studentís true ability


cover Language, Reading, Math, AND SOMETIMES Science and History

covers Language, Reading, Composition, Handwriting, Math, Science, and History

usually cover Language, Reading, Writing, and Math ONLY

compare students to normed students within the same national public school peer-group

student is evaluated for MASTERY of specified grade level skills


some NOT difficult and challenging enough

high criteria of mastery rank DPA as SUPERIOR assessment


do not include detailed remedial information about how to correct weaknesses

includes specific, clear strategies for correcting weaknesses

some remedial applications vague and hard to decode

most administered and scored by professionals or paraprofessionals ONLY

PARENTS and/or TEACHERS administer and score; grade-key supplied

most administered by parents but sent off for scoring

administrator receives score sheet onlyónot actual test items for analysis

grading key provides for intricate analysis of studentís strengths and weaknesses

some return score sheet only -- not actual test items for analysis

lengthy waiting periods for test results

NO WAITING PERIOD for test results

lengthy waiting periods for test results

some available only at specific times of the year

available anytime of the year

most available only at specific times of the year

standard retail prices

discount prices


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