• The Diagnostic Prescriptive Assessment Endorsements

"Mrs. Dixon empowers homeschool parents to test and evaluate their own children in a new in-home assessment tool. This product is long overdue!"   
Joe P. Sutton, Ph.D. Certified Educational Diagnostician  "Exceptional Diagnostics"

"I think you have provided a good tool for parents to perform comfortable, accurate assessments any time of the year."   Linda Trumbo, "Best Picks"

"Very comprehensive...covers everything...strong in every subject... thoroughly simple to administer"   
C. B. Home Educator

"...Jill Dixon...has done a superlative job of producing a test that will allow you to evaluate your children's mastery of Language, Reading, Composition, Handwriting, Science, Math, and History. Because you administer and score these tests, you will know instantaneously any trouble spots and can begin immediately to change the course of their studies...in comparison to an achievement test they are a vastly superior tool for assessing your children..."   
D. D. Home Educator-Educational Business owner

"(assessment) helps me review facts that my children know, in an orderly fashion and in a very specific manner. A great teaching tool for my children."   
D. P. Home Educator

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