• The EDUDPS uncompromising and well-working standard: Fluff-free Products

What do we mean by Fluff-free products, and what are the benefits for you?

Simply put, by "fluff-free" we mean educational products that contain no extraneous material, those that get right to the relevant issues concerned – products that focus on actual educational material only.

While there are legitimate reasons for discussing and debating various educational philosophies and curricula, we at DPS have chosen not to enter that field. We do touch on necessary issues in our Introductions to our books and guides. Yet, by and large, we leave those concerns to others.

In keeping with this approach, our goal is to offer products devoid of extraneous issues and to make available to parents and teachers materials that are singularly focused in nature and effect. Therefore, except for two very short stories in our ADHD guide - real life stories of two students who applied its techniques - you won’t find any of our products containing anecdotes, philosophical debate/discussion, or the like within their pages. You will find a "roll up your sleeves and get to work" approach. You will not have to weed through numerous pages to find the truly valuable ones. After Mrs. Dixon deals with the groundwork in the introductions, she then proceeds to get to the pith and marrow of teaching and solutions in the body of each title. We’ve discovered that parents greatly appreciate this and that it attains the desired results in a relatively short amount of time.

So, while our products may be called fluff-free, the results that they produce are wonderful.

In summary, fluff-free is easy on the students, easy on the teacher, easy on time, hard on confusion, hard on delay, and hard on ignorance. It’s our chosen way in education. Again, simply put, it works well!




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