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What Makes EAL Different from Other Classes? 

EAL is not just a weekly class where students come and get their homework graded. The main purpose of EAL is to teach children how to learn and to solidify learning of what they have worked on at home all week. This is done through using all learning styles in class through movements, visual presentations, listening to music or recitations, games, play acting, drawing, etc. 

Other characteristics that differentiate the class from other classes: 

1) Curriculum and methods are directed towards special needs learners also. Adaptions are made for these learners, and they are welcome in the class. 

2) SAT/ACT prep begins as early as fourth grade. Students in grades 8-12 do SAT/ACT activities weekly. 

3) Test taking study skills are introduced in fourth grade. Students will take required tests for mastery of subjects. 

4) Several proven educational philosophies and methods are incorporated into the class instead of just one. The best of all educational philosophies, techniques, and resources are used to guarantee retention of knowledge and a superior education. This is a huge plus!

5) Students are able to choose activities that appeal to their individual learning styles so that they can retain information and truly learn. 

6) Students who complete four years of the high school curriculum are thoroughly prepared to take AP and CLEP exams for college credit. 

7) EAL covers all necessary language arts (except spelling and handwriting), humanities, and geography skills required for a college preparatory curriculum. Directors of academies assist parents in choosing the best math, science, and foreign language curricula, and some academies offer these classes. 

8) EAL is a full day program where students are dropped off and picked up 5 and 1⁄2 hours later. Parents are not required to stay on site with their students in any grade level. The academy runs for 35 weeks (an entire school year), and parents are not required to add supplemental material to complete a full year at home. 

9) Students in grades 4-12 are issued grades and report cards. Grades are recorded electronically and parents are able to view their studentís grades weekly. 

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