• Dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning disabilities

If you have a special needs child, you probably know all too well the frustration that often happens when itís time for your child to learn. You also know that this situation often remains the same or even worsens. Furthermore, you might painfully know the intruding stress that can spill over into other areas of family life besides homeschooling. We can help make these facts history for you!

If you are in an ADHD or ADD dilemma, or your child struggles because of dyslexia or other kinds of learning processing problems, we have solutions to these problems. We offer The Homeschoolerís Guide to Attentional Difficulties which focuses only on ADHD and ADD and The Homeschoolerís Guide for Learning Problems, which tackles dyslexia and all other processing problems. These guides were devised to effectively work with any curricula. They both give distinct teaching techniques that must be used with special needs children in order for them to truly learn. The guides sell for $8.98 each. Click here to for more detail or to order The Homeschoolerís Guide to Additional Difficulties or The Homeschoolerís Guide for Learning Problems.


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