Read with the Best for Middle Grades - The Ancient World

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Read With the Best for Middle Grades - The Ancient World has been a great choice for my 6th grade son this school year. This literature guide has been a complete and thorough reading program for him and also a wonderful companion to our history curriculum as we study the ancient world. I love that this guide has vocabulary activities and questions for six different books. This is a huge time and money saver! I didnít have to research and buy six separate lit guides to cover the entire school year. It is all in one guide. Both my son and I have been very happy with the book selection also. The stories are engaging, good representations of the time periods, and at just the right level for a middle-schooler. The questions that correspond with the chapters for each book have been very helpful to check on my sonís comprehension level. They have been challenging, but not too complex. I also like the additional worksheets in Appendix B for deeper analysis of the book and its characters. I highly recommend this lit guide


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