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    Vocabulary made easy! Greek and Latin based vocabulary curriculum with a unique and effective approach.


Cathy Duffy: Roots and Fruits teaches vocabulary based on Greek and Latin roots, but it is unusual because it was designed for teaching children of all ages from kindergarten through high school and because it incorporates teaching methods for various learning styles...You can use Roots and Fruits over a number of years, keeping note cards from previous years so students can continually review words they’ve already learned. The fact that you can use Roots and Fruits with all of your children without having to buy workbooks or other resources each year makes this a very affordable resource. Read her complete review at:


Does your child have a strong vocabulary? Are you using a vocabulary curriculum that really enhances his or her reading ability? Besides retaining a large stock of words and expressions, your children can easily learn to decode any unfamiliar word so that they will understand the meaning of words that they read. Discover the ease, enjoyment, and “Grade A” results of our Greek and Latin based homeschool vocabulary curriculum. Be one of many who has chosen to use our top selling and inexpensive vocabulary program that’s just right for everyone in your family. Roots and Fruits utilizes the English forms of 797 roots and prefixes with their meanings plus 2449 vocabulary words. Roots and Fruits also now contains more SAT words, 26 games and activities, and a brand new category of 16 daily worksheets in softcover format.

What is special about using the English forms of roots and prefixes, and why is Roots and Fruits so effective?

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