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    Fall of Rome - Renaissance
    For Grades K - 12
    Student Workbook and Teacher's Edition

    Learn the most crucial facts, dates, and people of history through catchy rhymes

Remember all the boring facts of history you were forced to read about and memorize when you were in school? Probably not! However, it is a proven fact that anything a student learns in rhyme, he/she does not forget. Think about all the nursery rhymes you still remember. Time Rimes-The Medieval World is a compilation of crucial facts, people, and dates of medieval history delivered in “catchy” and fun rhymes for grades K-12. Time Rimes are in chronological order and illustrated with unforgettable pictures.

Time line figures with complete descriptions are included as well as activities for all learning styles and suggestions for insuring that students retain and understand the information. Fill-in-the-blank worksheets for each
Time Rime and matching tests and test keys for all Time Rime figures, events, and facts are included to assess your student's knowledge. Softcover – 113 pages



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