• The Total Language Diagnostic Assessment with Remedial Strategies and Answer Key

This assessment is a compilation of the complete language subtests of The Diagnostic Prescriptive Assessment - kindergarten through fifth grades. Its unique features are: (a) A thorough workbook or manual for those who desire to work on language only - - covering reading, phonics, reading vocabulary, reading comprehension, spelling, handwriting, composition, and dictionary and English skills. (b) A manual consisting only of actual test items of criterion referenced diagnostic tests. (c) Contains approximately 11 pages of remedial strategies per grade level for correcting academic weaknesses discovered through testing. (d) One student can use it for six years of academic requirements. (e) One manual can be used by a family with children ranging from kindergarten to fifth grades. It comes in two parts and contains 72 subtests. - - $19.98 For details see The DPA and Understanding Testing and Tests.

  Purchase each part separately. We've divided The Total Language Diagnostic Assessment into two parts so that it can be more effectively used by parents both as a scope and sequence guide and as a specific grade level evaluation. Part One consists of kindergarten through second grade. Part Two consists of third grade through fifth grade. You can use the TLDA as a pre-assessment to verify language strengths or to see which areas you need to work on. You can use it as a scope and sequence guide, since it is universally formulated, to keep on course for the year. (This is especially helpful if you use mixed curricula for your students.) You can use it as a precision assessment to discover mastery of subjects or use it for your own purposes anytime of the year. Just like the complete TLDA, both parts contain the grade-key and remedial strategies section for each grade level. Both parts contain the table of contents so that pagination is the same as the complete TLDA. This enables parents to purchase each part separately. The cost for each part is $9.99. 

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