Contains cited literary passages regarding each covered genre. There is, therefore, no need to purchase the books that contain these passages in order to complete the program. 

Builds skill upon skill to insure mastery.

Can be used with other subjects for reinforcement, such as science and history.

Other features found in the program:

On page 75 you'll find three rules for accomplished writing which are derived from the three characteristics that make the best writing the best.
An effective writer will constantly use these rules.

On page 76 you'll learn of 16 items, with certain genre exceptions, to continually check for in order to insure good writing. 
We have the student return again and again to this list on the way to mastery of effective writing.

On page 77 we supply you with the five elements for grading superior writing.

Page 78 lists 11 learning styles techniques to implement in order to augment the program. Use them as often as you can.

Under "ADDITIONAL LITERARY PASSAGES FOR MODELING WRITING" we say, "To use these additional passages, simply substitute them for the original passages included at the beginning of each unit and follow the same daily objectives." 
Then we list entries under each of the nine genres which are covered in the program. All works listed are considered "great works" and all of the authors are well-known.

Under Description of an Object you'll find six separate works by five different authors.
Under Description of a Place there are six separate works by six different authors.
Under Description of a Character there are eight separate works by eight different authors.
Under Dialogues there are five separate works by five different authors.
Under Short Stories there are six separate works by six different authors.
Under Fables there are four separate works by three different authors.
Under Friendly Letters there are two separate works by two different authors.
Under Poetry that Rhymes there are seven separate works by seven different authors.
Under Ballads (Narrative Poetry) there are five separate works by five different authors.

Furthermore, we tell you exactly where in each work you will find the stated passages, and we tell you exactly what it is that your student is to focus on. 
All of these entries help facilitate the continual use of the program.

The program lists 55 directives under the "HOW TO WRITE GUIDE".
These are found between pages 84 and 93. They are placed there for easy reference.

Beginning on page 94, you will find 839 coded or specific answers to their corresponding objectives which are listed throughout the program.

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