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  • You can master Expository Writing and excel in Essay Writing. (Calling all students in different kinds of schools: Acquire the skills needed to master the new essay portion of the SAT.)

Write with the Best - Vol. 2
- Modeling Writing After Great Authors of World Literature ...

Winner of "Favorite Language Arts Product" 2009-2010
Write with the Best Vol. 1 & 2, Roots and Fruits)  Awarded by
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... is the second volume of Jill Dixon's best selling and inexpensive homeschool writing curriculum. It covers 6th through 12th grade and effectively teaches expository writing and informative writing. Students learn these skills by modeling great authors of world literature.

Eight distinct genres are covered:
* Poetry - Free Verse from Emily Dickinson
* Business Letters from Helen Keller
* Persuasive Essays from Thomas Paine
* Expository Essays from Francis Bacon
* Literary Critiques from Edgar Allan Poe (That's right! Poe was a superb literary critic at one point.)
* Newspaper Articles from Ernest Hemingway (Yes, indeed! In his early career, Hemingway was a newspaper article writer.)
* Speeches from Marcus Tullius Cicero
* Dramatic Monologues from William Shakespeare.

The program also teaches the subjects of proper note taking, writing outlines, and writing summaries – disciplines that are highly beneficial for successful writing. This curriculum was created as the result of teaching writing to public, private, and homeschooled students for twenty years. Each daily lesson takes only 15-45 minutes, is addressed to the student and can be used with all children in a family at the same time. Volume 2 also includes all needed excerpts from all of the literature that it models so that teachers are not required to purchase additional material. It comes complete with a helpful answer key, grading criteria, grading checklists, and a "How To Write Guide" to assist parents in teaching. The "How To Write Guide" possesses the same powerful features as it does in Volume One, although it is specific to Volume Two. It is a very advantageous, quick and reliable proofing tool that can be kept handy as an explanatory checklist for all of the characteristics that are found in effective writing in each writing genre. It also functions as a constant litmus throughout the student’s writing career for verification of accomplished writing. A lot of people really like this particular feature of our writing curriculum.

This program accommodates all learning styles and provides guidance for the learning  disabled and non-interested writer. As noted above, the essay units prepare students thoroughly for the new SAT Writing Section. While other more expensive and more teacher-student intensive programs exist, this curriculum is a genuine, incremental (step-by-step) program which requires minimal teacher involvement and successfully helps stop academic burnout. - Professional reviews - To begin with descriptive writing see Write with the Best - Vol. 1 -


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